Recently, a friend who had joined a coding bootcamp asked me for advice on landing a job afterwards. Keep in mind that this is just my perspective as a hiring manager who has interviewed hundreds of software engineers (including bootcamp grads), and shouldn’t be seen as the final answer on the topic. There are probably companies out there that will hire directly out of bootcamp without expecting all the extras I suggested to my friend.

Your to-do list at coding bootcamp

All of the following can probably be tl;dr’ed down to: use bootcamp as the starting point, not ending point, towards beginning a good software development…

Let me be clear: as a career .NET engineering professional, I absolutely love the Microsoft Azure ecosystem for enterprise CI/CD and release management…when I’m not footing the bill! However, I don’t love getting surprised with $200 in charges for hosting a nearly-dormant .NET Core demo API after my Azure free-trial period expires.

Even after looking over the Azure invoices, I’m still not sure what cost me $200. While asking around, I found that I’m not alone: a Microsoft engineer even told me that Azure pricing is a “convoluted Mandelbrot of subcharges.” So, with a heavy heart (because Azure really is…

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